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On this site you will find a varied offer of training courses as well as regular courses of yoga, dance, massages and integral therapies, as well as some holistic therapies typical of yoga for the health care of people at 180 degrees on the person, considering the uniqueness and uniqueness of every sensitive being who is welcomed with joy, respect and love in our attic studio!

A small oasis in the beautiful city of Lugano

Healer in not someone to turn you to heal.
Healer is someone who awakens counsciusness in you, showing you the way to heal yourself.

yogandmore studio would like to lead people to improve their health experience in the daily routine.

Through a varied offer of courses, meetings, events, masterclasses, trainings, therapies and massages, all in a wonderful and unique space to relax, to rediscover a lasting serenity over time and over the long life of the anime <3