A Hatha class is really as it says on paper, classic hatha postures that flow from one to the other with a few breaks for additional instruction and teacher demonstration. Hatha Yoga is a form of Yoga based on a series of psychophysical exercises, originating in the initiatory schools of India and Tibet. Although it developed in ancient times within the Indian subcontinent, where the predominant religion was Hindu, the practice of yoga is not necessarily a religious practice, nor part of the Hindu religion alone, which is why today it is also widely practiced in the West and various others. areas of the world from people of various religions and social and ethnic backgrounds.

«" Ha "means sun, which is the sun of our body, that is, the soul, and" tha "means moon, which is our consciousness.
The energy of the sun never fades, while the moon vanishes every month and then again from the new moon becomes full again. "

Hatha yoga

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